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    Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) is a systemic approach to critically assessing the positive and negative effects of proposed and existing regulations and non-regulatory alternatives. It is an important element of an evidence-based approach to policy making. By using this tool, you can assess the benefits and costs of a new regulation or an existing regulation, with the aim of improving the quality of regulatory policy.

    What You Receive
    (1) Informed and well prepared regulatory interventions to achieve various goals
    (2) Clearly formulated objectives and monitoring mechanisms

    What We Do
    (1) Situation analysis identifying the nature of problem and the need for addressing problem.
    (2) Determination of the baseline scenario for the problem – expected future state without any intervention.
    (3) Regulatory and non-regulatory interventions aimed at achieving desired results.
    (4) Analysis of expected results of interventions both in terms of achievement of objectives and indirect effects on various stakeholders.
    (5) Recommendation on specific intervention based on the results of the analysis.