Cooperation with GNERC

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  • Cooperation with GNERC

    GEC has launched a new project: “Performance Assessment of the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC) and Energy Training Center (ETC)”.

    GNERC is responsible for maintaining a balance in the energy and water supply sectors between the interests of the companies and customers and aims to create a competitive, transparent, and impartial environment. Since 2022, the Commission has established an Energy Training Center (ETC) to provide training, raise awareness and facilitate the exchange of knowledge on electricity, natural gas, and water supply.

    GEC team will conduct a comprehensive performance assessment to develop a performance solutions package for both entities. These performance solutions will act as a roadmap for addressing the organizational gaps of GNERC and ETC, ultimately enhancing their overall performance. Within the project, our team will:
    - Conduct a comprehensive performance assessment of GNERC and the Energy Training Center (ETC);
    - Identify opportunities for development and improvement;
    - Review the implemented human resources system;
    - Assess the development needs of the ETC;
    - Formulate a systematic plan based on the assessment findings.

    The project is being implemented by USAID’s Human and Institutional Capacity Development Activity in Georgia.