Cooperation with start-up companies

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  • Cooperation with start-up companies

    GEC launches a new project “Business Training and Coaching for Start-up Companies”

    The aim of the project is the implementation of training and individual coaching/consulting sessions for the USAID/ZRDA and Partnership Fund/Start-up Georgia beneficiaries, which produce a variety of products, such as organic carbonated beverage-kombucha, complex fertilizers, used motor oils, dairy products, high-quality coal.

    The objectives of the project are:

    - To conduct practical workshops in the fields of Marketing and Sales, PR, Branding and Communications, Organizational management;
    - To conduct an individual coaching session with companies’ representatives to help them plan, implement and evaluate final results and activities;
    - To enable companies to become self-sufficient and utilize provided knowledge from training/individual coaching.

    The project is implemented with the support of the USAID/ZRDA Activity in Georgia.