Georgia IT Sector Brief

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  • Georgia IT Sector Brief

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    Over the past few years, the Information Technology (IT) sector has become one of the fastest-growing sectors in Georgia. The annual growth rate of the sector turnover amounted to 29% in 2019.

    With the purpose of sector analysis, the brief aims to:
    1. Review the role of the IT sector in the Georgian Economy
    2. Determine the market size and growth trend of the IT Development and Consulting sector
    3. Capture attractiveness of IT sector via multiple financial KPIs
    4. Identify and describe the main sub-sectors of IT development and Consulting sector

    Upon the main findings of the analysis, technology has become a growing necessity in the Georgian marketplace. Characterized by high growth and profitability rates, along with low leverage, the IT sector successfully attracts the attention of investors and the business world.