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  • Management Reporting

    A management reporting system is a part of a management control system that provides business information. The system is designed to assist members of the management by providing timely pertinent information. It can be used as a tool to screen the organization and identify/ examine problematic areas or issues that affects on the flow of different parts of the business.

    What You Receive

    (1) Understanding links between financial and non-financial activities.
    (2) Strategic planning and risk oversight.
    (3) Evaluation of corporate performance results.
    (4) Improvement of corporate reputation and increased brand loyalty
    (5) Availability of information about company's performance to prospective investors and ability to manage risks.
    (6) Sustainability reporting according to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards
    (7) Compliance with reporting requirements

    What We Do

    (1) Set up management reporting system
    (2) Management report covering review of entity's activities for Enterprise of I and II category, and also Public Interest Entities (PIE).
    (3) Management report covering Corporate Governance Statement for enterprise which have their securities admitted for trade on a stock exchange.
    (4) Management report covering review of entity's activities and non-financial statement for the PIE, with more than 500 employees