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  • Access to Finance

    Access to finance is a pre-condition for companies making the investment necessary to drive growth and maintain competitiveness. The easier the access to finance for the company the more flexible it is. Access to finance gives a company wide variety of opportunities to develop and simplifies the process of adaptation in case of changes in the market. The lack of access to finance poses limits to businesses operating at their full potential, reduces investment and diminishes growth prospects.  

    What You Receive

    (1) The optimal credit/investment conditions and access to required capital
    (2) Simplification of the relations with the potential financial resource providers and investors
    (3) Preparation and delivery of all the necessary information to the financial resource providers and investors, in a way that maximizes chances of acquiring financing.

    What We Do

    (1) Analysis and selection of the potential financial resource providers
    (2) Presentation of a prepared project to the potential financial resource providers
    (3) Agreement on loan/dividend payment structure with the potential financial resource provider 
    (4) Development of the project plan and financial model
    (5) Support in submission of requested documents 
    (6) Negotiations on behalf of the customer at additional meetings