Cooperation with Mediators Association of Georgia

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  • Cooperation with Mediators Association of Georgia

    GEC launches a new project:” Development and implementation of a modern human resource management system for Mediators Association of Georgia”. 

    Mediators Association of Georgia was founded in 2015. Nowadays it unites approximately two hundred mediators and people who are interested in mediation. The fundamental goal of the association is the promotion of mediation, training, and accreditation of mediators, as well as protection of their interests, the development, and implementation of rules of conduct. To achieve these goals, the association cooperates both with government agencies and international donors. 

    The project aims to develop and implement a modern human resource management system for the Mediators Association of Georgia, as well as to improve the activities of the organization. The objectives of the project are: to get acquainted with the mandate and strategy of the organization, to study the human resource management practices, to identify the management and operational constraints of the organization, and to develop a conceptual model of human resource management. Also, support the development and implementation of a human resource management system (policies and procedures). 

    The project is being implemented by USAID’s Human and Institutional Capacity Development Activity in Georgia.