Strategy developed by GEC is approved

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  • Strategy developed by GEC is approved

    In 2018-2019, GEC has implemented support to the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Ajara Autonomous Republic (MoFEA) in improving its organizational structure, institutional strategic planning and human resource management practices.

    The project was implemented with the assistance of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and UK aid from the UK Government within their wider initiative to support the ongoing Public Administration Reform in Georgia.

    The aim of the project was to assist the Ministry in enhancing its effectiveness and efficiency. The effectiveness of the Ministry implies the fulfilment of obligations defined by the state mandate, while the efficiency entails the accomplishment of these obligations with the optimal resources.

    GEC team members carried out the following activities:
    - Functional and stakeholders’ analysis;
    - Update of the organizational structure and functional and job descriptions of MoFEA with respective recommendations for reallocation of staff, as well as description of business processes;
    - Delivering coaching and advice for developing three-year strategy of MoFEA;
    - Based on the strategy, the Ministry with support of GEC team, has elaborated one-year action plan and the department-level action plans.

    As a result, the Ministry of Finance and Economy of the Ajara Autonomous Republic has adopted the strategy and action plan. In addition, the Ministry is currently working on restructuring its organizational setting in line with the recommendations developed by GEC.